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I am a leech
A nuisance, petty little needy slug with fangs
Others wade into my waters
so I think maybe they want to be with me
I see them enjoy the company of each other
as they stand in my home
So I say hi with my teeth
thinking myself friendly
But then I taste their repulsion
It seeps out their pores
is a taste in their blood that tells me to let go
I know when my feeding is at another's expense
All legs taste the same
when they do not receive me
do not want me around
I'm not here to steal
but why would they come into my pool
if not to be with me?
And if they remain
who is the host?

July 2018.


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I can feel when someone has creased me between my edges, ready for a fold. Sometimes I see myself sliding into an envelope someone else’s tongue will seal. I fear the imminent loss of space and limitation of movement. I fear being plotted on a map or simplified past recognition, stripped of complexity. Just and only are two of the most threatening words in the English language because dimensional conversion is so violent. Dimensional reduction is the psychic division necessary for violence.

April 2016.

Spider Veins

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There are constellations on my leg
veins nearly beached
below skin’s surface
that look like pocketed thread

They are facilities
for currents and tides
that got leveed,
tangential to circulation

Warm hands and fine needles
carve fissures into skin
Diluting emotion with pins,
acupuncture makes me feel carbonated

Does stagnant blood flow again
or is that current something else?
Allowing for ambivalence
is to not persecute innocence

We may forget which waves we swallowed
Energy that can’t be destroyed
becomes transmuted by the body
But all tides belong to an ocean

How many reserves remain
inaccessible to intervention
And with better circulation
could I be a better vessel?

Some month, 2015.

Possible Writing Topics

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  1. Accidents 

  2. The way glass cracks

  3. The smell of vinegar

  4. How an egg would hit the ground if it had no shell 

  5. Pattern

  6. Picking fruit from the vine

  7. The lack of control you feel over your current circumstance

  8. How you control the light that comes through your bedroom window

  9. How you keep the dark from getting out your bedroom window

May 2016.