Purple Shadows

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I honestly could be happy just creating frivolous images of the forest forever. I edited these consciously like a technicolor fairytale, following the inclinations I've had to make everything dreamy since I got my first editing software when I was sixteen. I've had so much fun doing so that I doubt I'll ever exhaust the impulse, and Capture One allows me to do so much more elegantly than what was essentially a prehistoric version of Instagram. All the same, Photo Impact Pro will always have a fond place in my heart, and these photos are dedicated to the fantasy I was able to weave into my photos back then, using that software. 



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There's something intimate about faces out of focus. Maybe it connotes a sense of peace and sensuality. Maybe it's because it keeps you above pores, at the level of light. Maybe I'm just partial to abstraction (I am).

I'm revisiting some old photos from the archive this week while still DSLR-less. Much like me and this photo, so was I reunited with this lovely spirit recently. There will be color photos to follow, eventually. 


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Instar (noun) : a phase between two periods of molting

My DSLR is in the shop for repairs, so I'm dependent on my phone for all my digital photographic needs for a week or so. Truthfully, I've neglected it for film the last year of graduate school, and since. Now that I'm realigning myself and moving in a new direction, we need to reconcile. I'm looking forward to spending more time together but for now, here is a post from my Instagram today.